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April 17, 2016

INTERVIEWcast: Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson

Ladies and gentlemen, it pleases me to no end to bring you what has to be the most fun time we've had doing an interview to date.  And thats saying something as we've been privileged to some pretty awesome interviews here at ITMOD.  As usual, the Alamo Drafthouse is responsible for the shenanigans.  Andy Gyurisin and Film Club 3.0 held a double feature of Spring and Resolution.  And not only that, but the directors were in attendance for a Q & A.  But before all that took place, we ascended the stairway to heaven, up to the projection booth where we were sat down with the filmmakers for an absolutely fun chat.  I can only hope you enjoy listening to this interview half as much as we did recording it.  These guys couldn't have been more down to earth and cool. Take a listen and enjoy.

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