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This week we've got not one but TWO special guests hangin' with the dorks! Aaron Prescott from the Alamo Drafthouse in One Loudon stops by once again to share his week in dork.  He discusses Sion Sono's latest Love & Peace, the Japanese thriller World of Kanako, the indie doc Dying of the Light, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and This Is England.  TheTurtleDork talks The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Power Rangers and The Walking Dead.  WifeDork talks Stephen Tobolowsky, the new film Brooklyn and the latest Ms. Marvel comic book. MouthDork talks about his most recent trip to Third Eye Comics and his generous haul of titles like: Burn The Orphange, Wolf, ApocalyptiGirl and Nailbiter.  In light of Star Wars The Force Awakens quickly approaching MouthDork decides to revisit the prequel trilogy in Star Wars the Phantom Edit.  Disco's talkin' Star Wars too as he gushes about playing Star Wars Battlefront.  After sharing his thoughts on the most recent episode of The Walking Dead and The Flash, we head into our Remember The Alamo segment.  This week we're discussing the cult classic: Battle Royale! And because we're discussing Battle Royale, we have special guest Liz Reed of the People I Think Are Cool Podcast!  Liz let's us in on why Battle Royale is her favorite film as.  In honor of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, this week we have a Fistful of Birds.  MouthDork discusses his homework: The Office (the original) before wrapping up.  Follow Aaron on Twitter and Instagram @acoolhandfluke.  Follow Liz on Twitter @PITAC_Podcast and @cuddlesandrage.  And don't forget to follow us @ITMODcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!  Please rate us, leave a comment and let us know what you think!  And as always, thank you for listening!

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This Week In Dork we've got TheTurtleDork's weekly recap of The Walking Dead. He's also discussing the indie sci-fi of Coherence and the joy of having badges for San Diego Comic-Con 2016.  WifeDork reviews the new film Suffragette, Aziz Ansari's new Netflix series Master of None and the stand-up comedy of John Mulany. MouthDork talks about hanging out with Ethan Hawke, revisiting Charlie Sheen's baseball comedy classic: Major League and spending Friday the 13th at the Alamo Drafthouse watching...Friday the 13th.  Disco talks the recently released Fallout 4. He also gives his weekly recap of The Flash, talks Samurai Cop 2, the creature feature: The Hallow, two Shirow Masamuni animes Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie and the incredible German film truly filmed all in one shot: Victoria.  This week we got a Fistful of Turkeys.  Films that ultimately flopped for one reason or another.  MouthDork has some homework to discuss: 10 Years.  We'll Mingle On Social Media before wrapping up.  Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook @ITMODcast.  Leave a comment or write a review as we value your feedback.  And as always, thank you for listening!

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November 11, 2015

Week In Dork In Falsetto

Prepare your ears for the dorkiest aural experience of the week.  This week TurtleDork fills you in on the latest episode of The Walking Dead.  WifeDork talks NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts featuring Shaun Fleming/Diane Coffee. WifeDork also gives her thoughts on Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro's latest Sicario as well as Buffy The Vampire Slayer. MouthDork continues his Wes Craven filmography re-visit with A Vampire In Brooklyn.  He also discusses the William Shatner Doc Chaos On The Bridge before capping of his week with a screening of the Roddenberry pilot The Questor Tapes.  DiscoDork talks TV with The Walking Dead, The Flash and the pilot episode of the new Fred Dekker/Shane black western Edge.  Since all of the dorks were able to check out Spectre, we've got a review segment just for you!  In honor of Bond we've got a Fistful of Gadgets, which maybe gets a little controversial.  MouthDork reviews his homework assignment Coherence (which is streaming on Amazon Prime right now!).  *Due to some technical difficulties, about 10 minutes of wrap up and wonderful singing were lost, so please excuse the abruptness of the end of the podcast.  I do apologize. But please, rate and review us or leave a comment.  Follow ITMODcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @ITMODcast and as always, thank you for listening!

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After sitting the last episode out, WifeDork returns and all is right in the Dork Cave.  This Week In Dork she's talkin' stand-up comedy of Todd Glass and Gary Goldman and the best comic-book show on TV: The Flash. TheTurtleDork has his weekly recap of The Walking Dead and finally catches Joel Egerton's directorial debut: The Gift. MouthDork had a busy week darting from a screening of Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse to a William Friedkin signing AT the Exorcist steps in Georgetown!  He also discusses Fulci's classic splatter fest The Beyond.  Capping off his week was a drive up to the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester for a Film Club 3.0 screening of Brie Larson's dramatic powerhouse: Room.  Disco talks Netflix's Beasts of No Nations and discusses finally catching Steve Jobs.

We kick off the second half of the podcast with a Remember The Alamo segment. WifeDork tries her best to get Disco to see through the madness to get to the beauty of the psychedelic Japanese madness of  1977's Hausu (House). Then MouthDork and Disco discuss 2014's German horror Goodnight Mommy. This week, in honor of Goodnight Mommy we have a Fistful of Mommies.  Our Top 5 cinematic Mommas.

For this week's Homework, Disco discusses the musical stage play: Sunday In The Park With George and also Marc Webb's 500 Days of Summer. Finally we Mingle on Social Media before wrapping up.  Rate and review us or just leave a comment.  Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @ITMODcast and as always, thank you for listening!

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